Developer FAQ

1. What version of CAS are you running?

We are running Shibboelth IdP v3.3.1 which supports the CAS v3 protocol.

2. What does CAS authenticate against?

It uses the UM Directory server. This contains all UM students and faculty/staff/affiliates for UMCP, UMES, UMCES, & USMO.

3. What "username" is returned by CAS?

Users can use their Directory ID (uid) or their U_ID number (employeeNumber) to authenticate to CAS. In either case, CAS will return the Directory ID.

4. Where can I learn how to use CAS with my web application?

See the CAS web site (note that we currently support CAS 1/2). In particular, you will want to check out the clients which have already been implemented in a variety of enviroments/languages.

Here is a little presentation on how a CAS authentication works.

5. What are the URLs for the UM CAS server?

Legacy Validate
Service Validate

See the CAS Protocol specification for details on the parameters.

6. How can I stay informed?

All users of CAS are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the UMDIRECTORY listserv list by sending a message to with a body of 'subscribe UMDIRECTORY'.